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Monday, 21 May 2012 17:00
Last weekend I headed into the studio to record what will be my 3rd studio album! Twelve songs recorded live with the help of talented and accomplished upright bass player, Rob Thorsen and percussion phenomenon, Fernando Gomez. I am delighted to say...

That it went great and I can't believe we got the bulk of the record completed in just 2 days! Big thanks to our engineer Chris Hobson! We have another day scheduled for some vocal overdubs and guitar solos, and then a few more days for mixing and mastering...and then of course album artwork, duplication and promotion - this is where YOU come in..

The cost of creating this album will run approximately $7000 - this is a drop in the bucket for some but for little old me (an independent artist and full time musician) I am in need of funding. I am reaching out to my supporters, family and friends and asking for your help in bringing this album to life. I BELIEVE IN THIS PROJECT and feel that it showcases my vocals and guitar playing better than any other to date. My dream is that this recording will bring me to new audiences world wide.

If you would like to contribute, please visit my paypal link

For every donation that is $20 or more - you will receive a copy of the album before anyone else via digital release, plus you will receive a signed hard copy from me! I figured out that if 350 people were to donate $20 each, I could meet my goal! I warmly welcome your support and love in the form of donation more than you know. If you cannot support financially, just you reading this and sharing in my excitement is a true blessing and a gift in itself.

All my love,

Steph Johnson


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