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Thanks in advance. A: If you are willing to spend $50 and want the serial code for Windows 7, you can download it from Microhobby (it is located under the Windows 7 section of the store). If you want the serial, go to this link. Cells in the epithelium of the adult intestine contain two distinct types of hydrolytic enzymes: exocrine and endocrine. The endocrine cells are similar to their counterparts in the pancreas (islets of Langerhans) and release their granules, mainly containing peptides and neurotrophic factors, by exocytosis into the intestinal lumen. The exocrine cells contain cholecystokinin and gastrin, and when they undergo exocytosis their vesicles fuse with the basolateral plasma membrane and release their contents into the intercellular space. The peptide hormones are rapidly cleared from the blood circulation and the gastrointestinal tract. The objective of this proposal is to determine the biological role of a recently cloned peptide, insulin-like growth factor (IGF), and to elucidate its mode of action in the gut. Since the IGFs exert their actions through the phosphatidylinositol and ras pathways, the aims are to: a) identify and characterize the IGF receptors in the gut epithelium of the adult and fetal animal; b) test the hypothesis that IGF may be involved in modulating intestinal epithelial proliferation; and c) determine the effects of IGF on a) the growth and differentiation of colonic epithelial cells; b) the secretion of a digestive enzyme; and c) the metabolism of vitamin B12. A special emphasis will be placed on the generation of transgenic mice over-expressing IGF-I. The understanding of the biology of IGF, and its possible role in the pathophysiology of a number of diseases, is limited. The proposed study may shed some light on the understanding of the IGF system and its role in the pathogenesis of various gastrointestinal diseases, such as colon cancer.




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Vcds Crack Keygen Serial Key kapiind

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